Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Blog Post catch Up!- October :D

This is one of my Favorite times of the year! I was a busy little paper crafter. 1 main reason why, svgcuts.com just kept putting out so many Awesome sets! I think I bought them all! lol Get ready for a few more pictures! You may notice some of my projects are not finished and that is because I keep seeing something new I want to try! I will finish them! It just may not be till next year lol!

My Grandson Carson turned 1! We had a Halloween themed Birthday party for him. The cute purple Batty Ballerina is my Granddaughter Elaina, she will be 3 this month. I made a little Bat cake for Carson the insides were red velvet, lol that's what is in the bowl. Very Red! :) Some of the pics are from my phone so they probably are not as good, but then my camera hasn't been behaving as I would like either! ;)

That is enough for now! Next post will be for November 2011 :) My Daughters 5th Birthday party crafts and a card I made for my Father in law for his Birthday other than that I was pretty lazy in November... or was I getting busy on Christmas? I think so lol! :) More to come!

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