Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Been Busy :)

I have been busy dealing with some things in my life I will share soon. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Catch Up for November 2011

I'm Back! Did you miss me? Well I really didn't give you that long so my feelings aren't hurt, this time! ;) So In November my Father in law had a Birthday so I made him a card. :) I stole this idea from a blog I found on a google search, Extreme Cards and Paper Crafting I Loved the idea! The card says Welcome to the land of older than dirt! lol Then a few days later is my daughters Birthday she turned 5 this year :) I made all of her decorations from files I found online for free, don't you just Love FREE! The hat is a free file from Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE them?! Well now you know! :D I can't remember where I found all the other stuff I am sorry but if you Google you should be able to find anything you are looking for! That was pretty much all I did in November I am sure I started some Christmas crafting but I will share all that in my December catch up post! :) Enjoy the pics & I will see you later! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Blog Post catch Up!- October :D

This is one of my Favorite times of the year! I was a busy little paper crafter. 1 main reason why, just kept putting out so many Awesome sets! I think I bought them all! lol Get ready for a few more pictures! You may notice some of my projects are not finished and that is because I keep seeing something new I want to try! I will finish them! It just may not be till next year lol!

My Grandson Carson turned 1! We had a Halloween themed Birthday party for him. The cute purple Batty Ballerina is my Granddaughter Elaina, she will be 3 this month. I made a little Bat cake for Carson the insides were red velvet, lol that's what is in the bowl. Very Red! :) Some of the pics are from my phone so they probably are not as good, but then my camera hasn't been behaving as I would like either! ;)

That is enough for now! Next post will be for November 2011 :) My Daughters 5th Birthday party crafts and a card I made for my Father in law for his Birthday other than that I was pretty lazy in November... or was I getting busy on Christmas? I think so lol! :) More to come!


Sorry about the non working link below! :( click button in my side bar go to their blog then inspiration then Fleurettes corner :) I will have to figure out what I did wrong so I can fix it! You are going to Love it tho! So go check it out! :)

More Blog Post Catch Up- September :)

September was a busy month! My son got married! :) Devin & Heavenly 09/30/2011 For their reception we Made tissue paper pom poms! Pictured my new daughter in law Heavenly with one of them. :) I also made one of the wedding cake box card keepsake designed by Fleurette F. Bloom here's a link I also made a poster with their names and wedding date but I couldn't find a picture sorry. I used many cut files from I always do! :) I don't want to overwhelm anyone reading my blog lol but I may post again today to share more of my 2011 Crafts! Or I may post on my family and life blog lol we will see! ;) Stay Happy & Crafty!

:D Catching up...

I know it has been far to long! I am not going to put you through all my lame excuses! Here comes some Serious catching up! It will be mostly pictures cuz I am a bad blogger, don't even talk about my typing lol! :) I will start with August because I really didn't do much crafting in the months before. I have 3 birthdays in that month so I made cards! Butterfly card for my mother in law from I get most of my cut files from them as you probably already know! The pop up card for my daughter in law, that's mostly my own creation inspired by cards I have found online. The dinosaur card for my son is also from that one is fun cuz it is for a 20 year old lol He will always be my little boy! :) I will post again soon! :)